Monday, November 7, 2011

Finish the Story

I was washing the deck when it all happened. The captain noticed a dingy heading for us, so we stopped. As they threw their rope to climb aboard, I stood back. "We need a piece of wood." said the sailor that climbed aboard. "What kind of wood do you need?" asked the captain. "It is on the hull of the ship." said the pirate. "Well if I give it to you, won't my ship sink?" asked the captain. "Yes, but pirates must make sacrifices." said the pirate. "Give my captain what he wants, or he will sink this ship." "He is a very short-tempered man." said the pirate. "Look mate, I have plenty of wood in the back." said the captain. "But why do you need that piece in particular?" asked the captain. "We need it because it looks appealing to the captain." stated the pirate. "Well, I'm not giving it away!" yelled the captain. "Then prepare to be attacked and sunk!" yelled the pirate. The pirate climbed back into his dingy and went off. A few minutes later, Cannonballs were flying past the ship. "Man the cannons and sink the vessel!" screamed the captain. Seconds later, I was in charge of a cannon. We fired our first shot, and the enemy cargo vessel started sinking. We fired some more, and the enemy ship was no longer in sight. 

"I am proud of all of you, especially you!" said the captain. "Sir, why are you proud of me?" I asked. "Well, you were the one to sink the pirate ship!" "You knew were to aim, and you shot with great accuracy!" exclaimed the captain. A few crewmen came out from the lower deck. "What is it now, matey?" asked the captain. "Well sir, we ran out of sealing tar and there is a big hole in the ship.”How could we be out of sealing tar!?" screamed the captain. Then, someone noticed that we were slowly sinking and screamed. Then at that moment, someone named Dan dove off the ship. He went swimming towards the rubble of the enemy vessel, and found a barrel of sealing tar. Then, a few of the crew helped him bring it to the lower deck. A few minutes later, we were back up and running. Soon enough, they made it to port. Then the whole crew and captain drank their weight in rum.

Written by Bill Ding

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Radio Days: A WebQuest

Radio Days: A WebQuest: "Back before there were televisions and computers, there was radio. Families of the 1930s and 1940s would gather around the radio and listen to their favorite programs such as Little Orphan Annie, Amos and Andy, The Guiding Light, and The Shadow. Millions of Americans tuned in daily to their favorite programs, just as today we tune in to our favorite television shows. Radio allowed the listener to create their own images of characters and settings, a luxury that we no longer have in these days of television. Take a journey back to the "Golden Age of Radio" as you learn about Radio Days."

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Alien Encounter

I was walking home from my first soccer tournament, when I see that there is a huge, almost dinner plate right shape, with lots of colors like a rainbow in the sky. It was soaring through the sky as fast as a cheetah. After that, it landed in a cold dark alley and three hideous creatures came out of the UFO and starting transforming into teenagers. When they finished, they were walking out of the alley and they saw me and stared into my eyes. I thought they were going to come and take me to their UFO, but they didn't. Instead, they asked for my name, my age, and my business being near the alley. I asked," What are you and what are you doing here in this old and shabby alley?" " We have come to learn the ways of the human race although they are not the same, but we pick one race and that was Americans." So I took them into my house and introduced them to my family and then went straight to my room. I showed them all my collections of thing I have found and everything from head to toe of my room. "Very impressive and neat that you have for your age, as for we don't have an of those nick-knacks of yours." " Now show us around more of the outside world...."

I had taken them to Wal-Mart, Safeway, and Gamestop. They were really impressed when they saw all we had. We had bought all new things for them for when they went back to their own planet. We went back to the house and looked at the television. I explained that for entertainment we could either watch television, play video games, or play on the computer. After a really long time of fun and entertainment we went to my bedroom and laid down on my bed ready to take a nap. "What are you doing right now" they asked suspiciously. At the end of the day we go to sleep so we could have more energy for the next day. Oh I now get what you are saying, and almost immediately, they fell on the floor and fell asleep on the floor. "Alright as long as they're quiet for the whole night I could care less about them."

The next day, we were going to go eat human food and after the food we ate, we went to the lake and swam around the whole lake for hours and hours.

The next day was the last day that they would have time to see the planet Earth. I would miss my new friends, but I had bought them a new phone with special features so that I would not have a problem with contacting them in outer space. The last day the got to learn the ways of the human kind, we got up at four in the morning, and we went in my dads Escalade and we went to the lake and swam with the ducks that were up early. After the nice swim we had, some McDonalds food and we had the most pleasant five hours. The last thing we got to do was play a game of one on one soccer match, and obviously I won but they learned my tricks pretty quick and they even beat me. We finished around eleven o'clock at night when all of a sudden we see the same disk soaring through the air. " We have to go back to our home plant, but we will be in touch now, "Goodbye amigo!" they said. Now that was weird with the Spanish part, but I still gave them a hug, and said my Goodbyes and watch them go off to their home in peace and silence.

Written by Owen Cash

Tuesday, October 18, 2011 Style Invitational Style Invitational: "Next Week's Contest is ... actually, there is no next week's contest. Folks, think of this as the first day of the rest of your life, or what would be your life if you had a life, which you obviously do not if you are a regular contributor to The Style Invitational. Beginning today, The Style Invitational goes on a six-month sabbatical, occasioned by The Washington Post's decision to herd the Czar and his family into a dank, windowless room and shoot them in the head with inefficient firearms. "

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